Daily Trip 5: Liverpool

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Slept at 1am and woke up 4.20am for the long awaited Liverpool trip, can you imagine that? Prepared my breakfast and make some sandwiches to bring with me and head out to the rail station to catch the 6.20am train to Liverpool. The journey takes about 2 hours, passing by some interesting place such as Old Trafford, Manchester.

Onboard, and online!

The weather report says we should be expecting heavy rain at Liverpool, but thank God, we got a sunny day!! We arrived about 8.30am, the weather there was considerably colder than the weather in Sheffield, sort of the weather of Sheffield when I just got there, maybe it was just too early.

We headed straight to Albert Dock because the shops are still closed, thats about 20 minutes walk from the rail station.

Echo Wheel at Albert Dock

And taking some pictures by the sea with 2 Liverpool-twins

After that we went searching for the famous Super Lamb Banana, which took us long enough. I called my dear so many times to confirm the location, I thought it was at the Albert Dock area initially. After 30minutes of searching we found that it was relocated from somewhere else due to the opening of Museum of Liverpool, it is now surrounding the museum!

The first one we found

And a weird one

And some Super Lamb Banana souvenirs I bought, £3 each (ouch!) 

Still thinking either to give those to Suok Baos or Cell Group..hmm..
After that we did not visit any attraction points, and head straight to Liverpool One the shopping destination!

Liverpool One

It was not quite what I expected, I thought it will be like Manchester, like there are shopping streets surrounding an big indoor shopping mall. Liverpool One is more like a shopping area made from 2 shopping streets - South John Street and Paradise Street, no indoors. The place is quite small, like alot smaller than Meadowhall, which is a more traditional style of indoor shopping haven.

Fred Perry shot!

Last but not least, the spendings.

Zara, Blue Inc, Fred Perry, Primark

Zara "Glossy" Jeans, looks superb when wearing a shirt, £17

3 Zara formal shirts, 2 of them was £16, one of them £10

Winter coat from Blue Inc, a whopping £10 instead of the original price of £60

Shirt-Vest Fusion style from Blue Inc, I bought this because I know my dear will love it. £10

Fred Perry Cardigan, £33

Apart from those still bought a pack of boxer and a singlet style jersey from Primark for casual wear. £4 & £2 respectively. Total Spending: £142

Left for Sheffield at 6.50pm train.

P/S: Overall Liverpool is really a nice place to live (I always wanted to study LJMU before), but actually not really that entertaining for me as compared to Sheffield because I dont enjoy night clubs, and Sheffield has meadowhall also. But ouch, Sheffield's casino don't offer free drinks since last year.

But Liverpool is a good and enjoyable experience, the place where my dear live for 3 months, quite interesting to be there! Comparably fun but tired trip, maybe not as fun as Whitby and York, but Liverpool have shops!


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